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The Network is the organization

  I wrote earlier about how creative people use tools and resources found on the web to realize their ideas. We call them the Game Changers, and we found out that they organize their work using ten different networked organizational forms (see... Continue Reading →

Dansa med Arcade Fire

Dansa med Arcade Fire Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) i en dansaktiverad flashvideo. Webbkamera rekommenderas!  

Before the gig

Before the gig - Liverpool Philharmonic 1/10 2011 [Photo: Mikael Eriksson Björling]

People have the power to change the music industry

On Tuesday, Patti Smith and The Kronos Quartet received the Polar Prize. I was there. She was commended for transforming the way “an entire generation looks, thinks and dreams.” It got me thinking about how the music industry has changed... Continue Reading →

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