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5 really cool Lego Mindstorm machines

It’s pretty amazing how advanced stuff you can develop with Lego Mindstorm. These are five robot favorites!

Cool machine that folding a paper plane and launches it

Amazing record-breaking Lego ball contraptiont

This cool Lego Rubik’s cube solver you can build with a single set Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Of Monster and Men Little Talks played on guitar by Lego Mindstorms EV3

Lego NXT balancing Segway style two wheel robot

Individualized learning in the Networked Society

When I met Professor Stephen Heppell in London last month, he raised interesting ideas about measuring the learning process. He said that in the future, we will start to measure our learning in the same manner as many of us today have started to measure our health or our sports activities.

As the services and processes we use for learning become networked, we are starting to generate lots of data. Data that could be used to individualize the learning process in schools to fit the individual students’ needs and keep them motivated. As Jose Ferreira, CEO ofKnewton said when we interviewed him for the Future of Learning film, “We’re crunching data from the students, so that they know what they are weak at.” He continued, “There are two text books for teaching algebra in the United States; at the local pharmacy there are 50 types of toothpaste. There are 25 times the product differentiations for toothpaste then for teaching each individual brain about myriad concepts you have to learn to be part of the modern economy.”

In the future, it will be possible to visualize the personal learning progress, to track progress, and to get individualized support based on what you have previously done. You will be able to get personal suggestions for tasks, to be stimulated and to do the work in a learning style that fits your personality. I see that as the learning process becomes more and more networked, it could also provide more transparency between the school and the home, allowing parents to follow and be part of the learning process much more deeply than they are today. Read more at the Networked Society blog >>>

Learning and education are in a time of transformation. The research I been involved in shows that students and progressive teachers, empowered by technology, are the catalysts to fundamental change. ICT is literally breaking down the walls of the classroom, and we have to start looking upon learning as something that takes place everywhere, all the time. Going toward the Networked Society, ICT will be increasingly important to lifelong learning.

Have a look at the Future of Learning and Education report and watch the thought provoking Future of Learning film released by Ericsson

Empowered learning – how ICT is reshaping our classrooms

All around the world, a lively debate is taking place on the subjects of learning and education. At the 2011 Networked Society Forum in Hong Kong, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes proclaimed that the textbook is dead. In a recent interview, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, Sugata Mitra says that we don’t need institutional learning anymore because everything we need to learn has been dematerialized.

Read the full post at the Networked Society blog >>>

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

Nice infograph how internet is changing education from

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

Fem roliga appar för barn (och vuxna)

I april skrev jag om bra appar för barn (du hittar den posten här >>). Somliga appar är roligare än andra, andra håller länge när man väl lärt sig hur de fungerar. I många fall får man mycket skoj för pengarna som den väldigt vackra och roliga Bumpy Road för endast 22 kronor. Sedan finns det givetvis mycket skräp som riktas mot barn också, men det är ämne för en egen post. Här kommer fem till bra appar för barn, testade av barn!

Bumpy Road 22 kr

Bumpy Road är en fantastiskt vacker historia om ett par som på ålderns höst ger sig ut i sin gamla bil för att leta minnen från ungdomen. Man skapar kullar i vägen med fingret för att hjälpa dem navigera förbi hinder och att samla minnen. Spelet är roligt, vackert och innovativt!

Pettsons Uppfinningar 15 kr

Spelet är roligt och klurigt helt i Sven Nordqvists anda! Man ska hjälpa Pettson att bygga uppfinningar som löser olika roliga uppgifter.

Lumi 15 krLumi är ett vacker litet ”ljus” med ljus och magnetism som sina krafter, men som inte gillar vatten. Spelet är vackert och stämningsfullt. När man väl kommer in i hur man styr Lumi (vilket är lite knepigt) blir det riktigt roligt!

Little Fox Music Box 22krFint illustrerad app där barnen kan sjunga med i välkända låtar som ”London Bridge” och ”Old MacDonald had a farm” Illustrationerna till sångarna är interaktiva och roliga att utforska.

Cake fun gratis

Vilket barn gillar inte att baka? I den här appen kan de välja form på tårtan, blanda ingredienserna och dekorera den.

The Invisible Girl


A couple a days ago the anthology “Invisible Girl – Ceci n’est pas une fille” was released by Umeå University. You find Marcus and my contribution under the theme Gender and Contemporary Media, Chapter 23, page 207.

TED-Ed gives teachers new tools to teach

Last month, I wrote a number of posts on how the ICT industry is transforming the way we learn across all stages of education. As education evolves, we need more than just a new kind of teacher – we need a new way of teaching.

Instead of concentrating on memorizing knowledge, like I did at school, we need a stronger focus on learning how to apply knowledge to specific problems. We need a new mindset, and we need international initiatives that support open learning for all, preparing future generations for the global competition that awaits them in the workforce.

One international initiative that truly illustrates an understanding of this need is TED-Ed, a new site that focuses on education and was created by TED, a non-profit organization whose goal is to spread new ideas about technology, entertainment and design

Read the full post at the Ericsson Networked Society blog

Rewiring education in the Networked Society

ICT is transforming the way we learn and the way we do business. Competition that was once local is now global. And if you want to stay competitive, the need to know how to leverage technology effectively in the workplace is becoming essential, no matter what industry you work in.

Businesses and the public sector are seeking new ways of increasing efficiency, new ways to enhance their value proposition and new ways to extend their reach with the help of ICT. Broadband, mobility and the cloud are the core infrastructures driving this change.

But for businesses to be most effective in this ICT revolution, changes must first take place in our schools. As I wrote in an earlier post, six areas are transformed when ICT is introduced to educational institutions. One of these areas is skills and knowledge. What will the next generation of students need to know, and what type of skills and knowledge will be most important in the future? Read the full post at The Networked Society Blog.

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