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Cooperative transport systems – the next step in transport transformation

Today about 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities. Most people need transport every day – to and from work, to pick the kids up at school, to go to an evening course or to meet some friends.... Continue Reading →

The office is dead – long live the exchange place!

The office space is changing and I don't thing we understand the impact of that change. It will change how we organize work. I have a new post on the topic at the Networked Society blog >>>

Mobiltelefonen – förändrade kommunikationsvanor och ökande kostnader

Enligt Sveriges officiella statistik har kostnaden för svenska hushålls kommunikation ökat årligen sedan år 2000. Under perioden 2000-2010 ökade konsumtionen av kommunikation med 113 %. Kostnaden har skjutit i höjden i allt snabbare takt och mellan år 2009 och 2010... Continue Reading →

On the importance of connectivity

On a flight to Barcelona on a plane packed with telecommunication professionals headed for the Mobile World Congress this week, I took the chance to reflect on the lack of internet connectivity and what it means not to be connected.... Continue Reading →

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