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Systemet och miljön

Wind, en prisbelönt kortfilm om hur levande system påverkas av sin miljö och hur det måste ändras när miljön ändras. Arbetslivet (ett levande system) påverkas i högsta grad av sin miljö (samhällsstruktur, marknad, ekonomi, etc.) Detta är en utmaning för de... Continue Reading →

Nice tool for visualization of insights in online & offline purchase behavior.

Nice tool for visualization of insights in online & offline purchase behavior. Try it out at the:

HTML5 Game Lux Ahoy

There are new HTML5 games and interactive sites being lunched every day. It reminds me when new Flash sites and games where lunched every day about 10 years ago. Its quite the same on the surface I would say, even... Continue Reading →

Bra appar för barn

Det är intressant och se hur barnen använder apparna på Ipaden och mobilerna, hur de lär sig, hur de interagerar och vilka appar som de tycker är kul i längden. För ett år sedan fanns den inte många appar för... Continue Reading →

Where do the wired world ends and the wild world starts?

Following Bear 71 is a 20 minutes interactive documentary that let you follow Bear 71 movement in Banff National Park. There are 15 remote-sensing cameras, infrared counters barbed wire snags to collect her hair. Scroll over the cameras placed on... Continue Reading →

Children that are lacking the school

A very nice site, app and concept with a good purpose! Take all the school children (on your computer) to the school (located in your phone) and support children's education.

Soul Reaper HTML 5 scrolling comic book

Take a look at this nice scrolling comic book in HTML 5.

Bell System Logo Redesign

In 1969 Saul Bass redesigned Bell systems brand profile. Watch the pitch video that got him the job.

How does your life turn out in a museum?

How does your life turn out in a museum? I really like the way Intel create a museum exhibition using information from your social network. Try it out! Intel® The Museum of Me.

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