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Systemet och miljön

Wind, en prisbelönt kortfilm om hur levande system påverkas av sin miljö och hur det måste ändras när miljön ändras. Arbetslivet (ett levande system) påverkas i högsta grad av sin miljö (samhällsstruktur, marknad, ekonomi, etc.) Detta är en utmaning för de... Continue Reading →

5 really cool Lego Mindstorm machines

It’s pretty amazing how advanced stuff you can develop with Lego Mindstorm. These are five robot favorites! Cool machine that folding a paper plane and launches it Amazing record-breaking Lego ball contraptiont This cool Lego Rubik's cube solver you can... Continue Reading →

B2B Online Summit på Rival

Det har publicerats videor från konferensen B2B Online Summit som hölls på Rival i början av februari. Klicka på denna länk om ni vill se fler videor från konferensen >>>

ATEA Boot Camp 2013

24 maj var jag och talade på ATEA Boot Camp i Tylösand. Kul och inspirerande! Här är en intervju med mig på plats i ATEA:s studio. Mikael Eriksson Björling, expert consumer behavior, Ericsson from Atea Sverige on Vimeo.

Learning and education are in a time of transformation. The research I been involved in shows that students and progressive teachers, empowered by technology, are the catalysts to fundamental change. ICT is literally breaking down the walls of the classroom,... Continue Reading →

Is bigger always better? Evolving TV and video-consumption habits

The way we watch TV is evolving continuously. About 10 years ago, it was all about the size of your TV screen at home. While the bigger the better still applies in the living room, in the past two or... Continue Reading →

About Flash and the web

Flash has probably seen its heydays and facing hard times due to a number of reasons. But let’s wait with that and instead looking back what Flash use to be. Macromedia Flash which was the name between 1996 and 2005... Continue Reading →

Where do the wired world ends and the wild world starts?

Following Bear 71 is a 20 minutes interactive documentary that let you follow Bear 71 movement in Banff National Park. There are 15 remote-sensing cameras, infrared counters barbed wire snags to collect her hair. Scroll over the cameras placed on... Continue Reading →

The future school in the Networked Society

In this video, I talk about how new technologies are revolutionizing education. Watch the video at the Networked Society Blog >>>

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