The changing nature of working life – Part I

Just like other major, historical shifts, the Networked Society will fundamentally change working life as we know it. It will change the type of business and value-creating activities we are engaged in; it will change how businesses are organized and the business development processes; it will change how we as individuals are working and the skills and knowledge we will need to acquire.

Here is an easy exercise. Ask any senior citizen you know, perhaps your grandma or grandpa, about what working life was like when they were young. Then compare that to a modern work environment and it will probably be hard for them to recognize the things we call work. Concepts like flex-time and working wherever you are will be hard for them to get their heads around. The same will be true of virtual teams that span organizations and locations as well as the blurring lines between work and private life.

A number of areas are driving this change in working life…

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