In my previous post I wrote about how connectivity is driving transformation in the transport business and how it’s now being built-in everything from cars and trucks to roads and parking spaces. The next phase in this transformation will be about cooperation between all these new connected transport assets.

This cooperation will span across all transport means, from car to bike. We will see cooperative systems with vehicle-to-vehicle communication to prevent accidents by sensing each other. There will be systems for adjusting traffic flows and prices in real-time, depending on the situation and demand. We will see smart cooperation between all means of transportation where commuters can plan, travel and pay seamlessly across public and private transportation services.

Another area that will become common the next ten years is autonomous vehicles. That could be self-driving cars for city commuters or drones delivering groceries to the door. This paves the way for more radical changes in how we look at transportation. Why own a car when it does not have a steering wheel and you can get a nice one according to your preferences whenever you need it? Read the rest of the article at the Networked Society blog.