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5 really cool Lego Mindstorm machines

It’s pretty amazing how advanced stuff you can develop with Lego Mindstorm. These are five robot favorites! Cool machine that folding a paper plane and launches it Amazing record-breaking Lego ball contraptiont This cool Lego Rubik's cube solver you can... Continue Reading →

Intelligent medicine: the future of health

The Swedish American Life Science Summit, held August 21 – 23, had many interesting presentations and discussions about various topics across the life science sector, such as Innovative Healthcare Delivery Models and Creating a Digital Health System. At the event, I presented... Continue Reading →

Fem roliga appar för barn (och vuxna)

I april skrev jag om bra appar för barn (du hittar den posten här >>). Somliga appar är roligare än andra, andra håller länge när man väl lärt sig hur de fungerar. I många fall får man mycket skoj för... Continue Reading →

HTML5 Game Lux Ahoy

There are new HTML5 games and interactive sites being lunched every day. It reminds me when new Flash sites and games where lunched every day about 10 years ago. Its quite the same on the surface I would say, even... Continue Reading →

Bra appar för barn

Det är intressant och se hur barnen använder apparna på Ipaden och mobilerna, hur de lär sig, hur de interagerar och vilka appar som de tycker är kul i längden. För ett år sedan fanns den inte många appar för... Continue Reading →

How are smartphones and applications affecting consumers in high-growth markets?

Being connected to everything and everyone via apps on our smartphones is changing the way we live. Apps are becoming an emotionally important and integral part of people’s daily lives. Today there is an app for just about everything. And... Continue Reading →

An interview with me at CNET

An interview with me and Stefan Hedelius by Roger Cheng was published today at CNET. Read it at CNET >>>

Children that are lacking the school

A very nice site, app and concept with a good purpose! Take all the school children (on your computer) to the school (located in your phone) and support children's education.

Consuming the web on screens of all sizes

The web is the web – even though we consume it on devices of varying screen sizes. At work, we browse the internet using laptops; at home, we sit on a sofa in front of the TV and use iPads,... Continue Reading →

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