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The Game Changers

The world turned upside down

There will be many differences between the Industrial Society logic we are now leaving and the logic of the Networked Society that is now emerging. One of the differences is how we look at customers – whether they are consumers... Continue Reading →

Connected communities are driving a new do-ocracy

I wrote earlier about the game changers and how creative people no longer practice their hobbies in the private sphere but rather in networks and communities. The ‘maker culture’ is growing stronger and we see a growing ‘do-culture’ covering more and more... Continue Reading →

Föreläsning på ATEA Boot Camp

I slutet på maj kommer jag föreläsa på temat "Nätverksamhället – om uppkopplade individer och en förändrad värld" Vilka är trenderna som formar det framväxande nätverkssamhället? Hur kommer företag och organisationer påverkas? Vilka möjligheter erbjuder det nya nätverkssamhället?

The Network is the organization

  I wrote earlier about how creative people use tools and resources found on the web to realize their ideas. We call them the Game Changers, and we found out that they organize their work using ten different networked organizational forms (see... Continue Reading →

Marknadsundersökningens dag

Den 14/3 står Janne från Augur och jag på scenen under Marknadsundersökningens dag och pratar om förra årets "The Game Changers" projekt. Nu under rubriken "Den förändrade spelplanen" Synopsis Internet förändrar världen på flera sätt. Augurs djupintervjuer i Sverige, Ryssland och USA... Continue Reading →

Profiling the producers in the open marketplace

Lately, I have written a number of posts about creative individuals whose product, talent and service innovations are turning the traditional market logic upside down. Previously, homegrown innovators and artists never reached beyond their friends and family. Today, however, they are competing... Continue Reading →

The rise of the network-driven economy

In a post I published last week, I wrote about the game changers – the innovative individuals who are creating their own products and services, and placing them online. Consumers that embrace social innovation and entrepreneurship are now taking the lead in... Continue Reading →

The Game Changers på Telekomnätverket

Nästa vecka 15/2 kommer jag att prata "The Networked Society" och visa en del material från en nyss genomförd studie "The Game Changers - How Digitally Producing individuals are changing business making" på Telekomnätverket. Tidigare idag var det 90 personer anmälda. Om... Continue Reading →

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