Profiling the producers in the open marketplace

Lately, I have written a number of posts about creative individuals whose product, talent and service innovations are turning the traditional market logic upside down. Previously, homegrown innovators and artists never reached beyond their friends and family. Today, however, they are competing with corporation heavyweights and entertainment superstars by simply being recommended and pushed forward by social media, recommendation engines and widgets.

So, who are these people and what drives them? First, individuals who produce and innovate are jacks-of-many-trades and often have several skills and competencies.

These skills and competencies are often self-taught, by means of different internet resources, as well as through interaction with people that have the same interests. They also tend to have active social lives.

When creating and producing output (ideas, products, content), they are primarily driven by self-fulfillment and the desire to build up their image within their networks. Usually, money only comes as a bonus.

The most successful individuals who produce digital output combine their interests and skills with social and digital capital, and a marketing mind. While some are spontaneous, others are strategic when choosing projects to work on. However, most strive to be able to work with and make a living out of the things they enjoy doing. Read more about the Game Changers at the Networked Society blog

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