10 Things that disappeared since my first backpacking trip

When traveling the world in the late eighties life was quite different compared to traveling today in the Networked Society.

10 things that have disappeared since then are:

1. Going to the telegraph station and requesting an international telephone line in order to make a call home (and becoming financially ruined at the same time)
2. Checking the rates for exchanging the travel checks
3. Going to the travel agency to check the prices for a flight
4. Economizing on film for the camera
5. Sending undeveloped rolls of film back home to be developed when getting back
6. Creating a cassette tape with the perfect mix of music
7. Going to the General Post Office and browsing piles of letters
8. Relying on guidebooks that were several years old
9. Carrying the old style air tickets in thin paper with the IATA logo
10. Not having the possibility to get or follow any news from home

Read this post at: http://www.ericsson.com/thinkingahead/the-networked-society-blog/2011/06/29/10-things-that-disappeared-since-my-first-backpacking-trip/

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