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Fem bra ställen att äta på i Barcelona

Efter rätt många resor till Barcelona har jag börjat få några favoritställen som jag återvände till varje år. Här kommer fem bra ställen att äta på när du är i Barcelona. Gruppo Tragaluz har flera bra ställen med karaktär, Bar Lobo... Continue Reading →

Citizen bloggers blogging to improve their communities

Last week, I was in Moscow doing research for a ConsumerLab project. I met some really interesting and creative people there. From bloggers who were improving the traffic situation to those working to improve the public’s history knowledge, it was great to... Continue Reading →

Internet logics: an essential communication tool

Is understanding of the logics of the internet and coding the new English? The answer to this question is yes. This thought came to me while in New York, where I have been interviewing a number of creative people as part... Continue Reading →

10 Things that disappeared since my first backpacking trip

When traveling the world in the late eighties life was quite different compared to traveling today in the Networked Society. 10 things that have disappeared since then are: 1. Going to the telegraph station and requesting an international telephone line in... Continue Reading →

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