Redefining learning in the Networked Society

Our world is built with help of technology. We have always worked to develop and improve our societies and our lives through technology. We have invented fantastic things such as the plow, steam engine, the printing press, electrical light, antibiotics, fine arts, music and football….just to name a few.

The school system as we know it is also one of these inventions. Schools have been around since the times of ancient Greece, but what we call formal schooling today is actually not that old. If we take Sweden as example, it was not until 1842 that the common school was introduced. Later on the centralized, standardized, national factory school model was developed. We invented the school house and the classroom to obtain economic scale in the education system.

This concept of school is now in a stage of transformation. We are now standing on the brink of a Networked Society and moving into that society, education, learning, and how we define knowledge will change.

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