The changing cityscape

People are moving from the countryside to cities all over the world.

In the Networked Society City Index, we say:

“Today more than 50 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2030 the proportion is expected to top 60 percent. There is a steady stream of people moving from the countryside to the city every day. Urban population increases by more than 5 million every month. Today more than 20 cities in the world are classed as megacities, cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. Tokyo, Mumbai and Mexico City are all examples. By 2020, the world will have at least eight more megacities, with half of all future megacities located in the developing countries of the world.”

Cities are historically founded and grow on particular sites because of various reasons such as habitat, trading, resources, defensive position or administrative requirements.

Today, people are moving from the countryside to cities to find jobs, education, better living conditions and greater opportunities. Large concentrations of people make life more dynamic, with a rich cultural life and more possibilities to choose an individual lifestyle. But the city often also brings congestion, pollution, loneliness, security issues and segregation.

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