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Are we shaping smartphones or are they shaping us?

In my last post, I wrote about two-way flexibility – about people trying to understand the new norms and rules in the changing landscape of work and leisure. In this post, I want to continue that discussion further and look into... Continue Reading →

SIME Stockholm HR Summit, Open Innovation och Mobile Future

Den senaste tiden har det varit presentationer och mediaövningar i Moskva och Stockholm kring Networked Society och hur arbetslivet förändras. Open Innovation - Moscow  1/11 paneldiskussion om "Smart devices and portable gadgets: How the Internet of things is changing the... Continue Reading →

When it comes to smartphones, we’re all different

It’s no longer just the early adopters who are driving the growth of smartphone and mobile internet usage. Now we’re all doing it! More and more people around the world have smartphones and we are expanding the way we use... Continue Reading →

Bra appar för barn

Det är intressant och se hur barnen använder apparna på Ipaden och mobilerna, hur de lär sig, hur de interagerar och vilka appar som de tycker är kul i längden. För ett år sedan fanns den inte många appar för... Continue Reading →

The Networked Society and The Social Web Of Things

Back home after a great week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Tired but satisfied! Barcelona is great this part of the year with lovely weather and good business! I spent five days at the MWC talking about Ericsson's... Continue Reading →

Consuming the web on screens of all sizes

The web is the web – even though we consume it on devices of varying screen sizes. At work, we browse the internet using laptops; at home, we sit on a sofa in front of the TV and use iPads,... Continue Reading →

KA-POW! It’s the Internet of Things comic book

Enabling anything that can be connected to be connected, the Internet of Things is the hero of this story. Read this post at:

Internet of Things: the hype begins

This year Gartner added the Internet of Things to their hype curve, along with other hyped words such as ’big data’, ‘gamification’ and ‘customization’. According to Gartner Research, the word Internet of Things is “on the rise.” This is the stage before the... Continue Reading →

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