When it comes to smartphones, we’re all different

It’s no longer just the early adopters who are driving the growth of smartphone and mobile internet usage. Now we’re all doing it!

More and more people around the world have smartphones and we are expanding the way we use them – from keeping track of our health to being on top of our social life, for shopping or watching Game of Thrones. We have all different preferences and it is becoming increasingly important to understand the factors that affect the overall smartphone experience.

We have been looking recently at what is important to users when it comes to their smartphones and the way they use them. The four key factors are performance, price, interaction with the operator and the device itself. However the importance of these factors varies for different users. Price might be of greater importance for me while the device might be the top factor for you.

In our report Unlocking Consumer Value, we have identified six different groups: the Performance Seekers, the Cost Cutters, the Curious Novices, the Control Seekers, the VIPs and the Devicers.

Read more at the Networked Soceity blog >>>

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