Back home after a great week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Tired but satisfied! Barcelona is great this part of the year with lovely weather and good business!

I spent five days at the MWC talking about Ericsson’s vision about the Networked Society and how the society is transforming. We used a large table with printed words and props to illustrate what is happening and trigger discussions.

Social Web of Things

In our vision every thing that will benefit from being connected will be connected and we expect 50B connected devices by year 2020. To illustrate that and how it could work Ericsson Research have developed the fantastic concept “The Social Web of Things”. Imagine that all your things are connected, have a relation and can talk to each other and to you just like friends in a social network.

We showed a number of use cases such as when you turn on the security system in your house the lights that still are on will ask you if they should be on or if they should turn themselves of. Or my favorite use case is when the light asks the alarm clock if it wants some assistant “I can slowly fade to make the awakening more comfortable”.

Outside Ericsson’s Hall 6 we showed the Social Web of Things concept with connected Lego Mindstorm robots that collected used coffee cups, that watered plants and sorting our the laundry for you. All this in a future near you!