The transformation of learning and education


We are in the midst of a great transformation in society. In our latest Networked Society report, “Learning and Education in the Networked Society” and the documentary film “The Future of Learning” we take a closer look at this change.

Today, there are 2.5 billion young people who were born after 1991. A significant number of them were born into a culture that embraces various digital opportunities. These people are being shaped by the possibilities of interactivity, collaboration and sharing, and have constant access to their peers and to infinite content, whenever and wherever they want.

When these people are at school and college, they bring their personal technology experience into the classroom; students become a major force for change. Progressive teachers’ new behavior and use of ICT also drive a bottom-up pressure on schools and government to transform. Combined, student and teachers form the outer force.

There is also an inner force, which is driven by the need for governments and institutions to save money and be more efficient, while at the same time ensure educational quality and competiveness. This leads them to look for new ICT-based opportunities to be more efficient, to extend their reach and to enhance their value proposition. Read more at the Networked Society blog >>>

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